Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Works Shown At SMOCA Nights!

New Works Shown at SMOCA Nights

What an amazing and overwhelming weekend!!! Thursday night I presented a new art series of wearable art pieces at SMOCA Nights. This event is presented by the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art and features art, fashion, music, performance, and culture. The pieces I made were shown in the fashion show and were worn by Ellisha, Babsy, Rachael, and Nicole of Deja Dance Collective. This show was an opportunity for me to step outside the box artistically. I spent over 15 hours on each piece. I was inspired by the Subversive lace and Knitting Show that is currently on display at SMOCA. In staying with my style, I chose to work with vintage fabric. I cut over 50 scarves into one inch strips, then sewed them end to end and back to back. Then I formed the design to fit each girls body by weaving the scarf strands together. Once the structure was in place I sewed the garment together, and left strands flowing to sway with the dancers as the moved to the music.
I also presented a few of my new dresses for my winter collection of daywear. These pieces are made of vintage polyester sew together with retro style and a modern twist. Some of the designs for winter include signature skirts with suspenders and ruffles, in catchy colors paired with soft hand constructed long sleeve shirts. These skirts are made for wearing with bright colored tights and skinny jeans! Photos will be coming shortly!! Thanks to Babsy, Ellisha, Rachael, and Nicole for performing in my garments, and to everyone who came out and supported me!!

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