Monday, August 30, 2010

September 25th, 2010 Grand Avenue Local Designer Fashion Show featuring Sticker Club Girl


Without Apologies is a celebration of the downtown Phoenix fashion community, taking place as part of the 2010 Grand Avenue Festival on Saturday, September 25. This series of three fashion events will be held at Bragg’s Pie Factory starting at 5:00 pm and continuing through the evening. The events will feature local boutiques, designers, and creative artists of Downtown Phoenix for a day without apologies.

Starting at 5:00 pm, the Untrashed recycled rubbish fashion show will feature wearable art made from re-purposed, reclaimed, and recycled trash. Garments will be modeled in the fashion show and then displayed alongside other delicious reclamations in the Trashy Sculpture Show for the following two months. The show will also feature a trash percussion band and typewriter corps and special performances to make the old new again.

At 7:00 pm fashions from a number of independent downtown fashion boutiques will take center stage. This is a chance to see the latest finds and hottest looks from Dragonfly Boutique, Butter Toast Boutique, Phoenicia Association, and Blueberry Deluxe Boutique. The show will be accompanied by sounds from DJ Nico.

Finishing off the night at 9:00 pm, local designers will show off their latest original fashion designs in a show that’s sure to be standing room only. This year the show will feature the work of Wicked Wear (Cia Underwood), Arte Puro, Wiskc (Kelly Calabrese), MLE Jean (Emily Blanche), and Sticker Club Girl (Lisa Michelle Jacobs) with music by DJ HeartBreaks.

All three events are free and open to the public. Free parking is allowed along Grand Avenue during the festival and in the parking lot behind Bragg’s Pie Factory, located at 1301 W Grand Ave.

Without Apologies is being sponsored by Conspire and Honeycomb Organic Hair Studio.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My vintage coffee mug collection featured!

While it is known that I love arts, crafts, D-I-Y culture, vintage goods, fashion, and the like, it is a lesser known fact that I love collections. As a collector of collections, a connoisseur of accumulation, and a diva of the treasure trove, I have amassed large groupings of ordinary, yet historic, objects that when shown in an arrangement with their counterparts, capture the heart and dazzle the eye.
Brass butterflies flutter around my house, vintage fabric towers and tumbles in my studio, and mid-century coffee mugs stack up on display shelves in my living room. These coffee mugs are now the objects that give endorsement to my addiction.
Phoenix New Times has started a new blog called Jackalope Ranch. This lovely blog is dedicated to the arts, culture, and collections that abound in the valley of the sun. My collection of Japanese porcelain stacking coffee mugs is the first featured collection to debut in their on-line column. Click Here to enjoy the nostalgia!