Monday, October 15, 2007

Conspire -the conspiracy to inspire

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The Conspiracy to Inspire

Conspire is an offshoot of COLAB, and previous to that The Downstairs Collective. Some of the founding members from COLAB and Downstairs are a part of this new project including Joey G of Mob Action, and myself Lisa Jacobs aka Sticker Club Girl, as well as several others. There a few main ingredients that make this new venture a whole new thing include the people, the space, and the concept. There all new people involved in this project with new ideas and new goals. The space is almost a thousand square feet, triple that of any spot we have ever had. Conceptually this project will be different as well. Instead of being limited to a hand made fashion group space, we will be including a wide variety of arts, crafts, and hand made goods along with a strong presence the unique, hand made, artistically designed fashion and accessories that we have previously been known for. We also will have studio space available for use by our main members. In this working studio we will be offering classes and workshops for the community to participate in. The Anarchist Library will be available for use. Sticker Club Art Night will move to the new space, free for local peeps to hang together and be creative. And...we have many more tricks up our sleeves. With this new business, located at the South East corner of 5th St and Garfield, we will Conspire to make things and make things happen! New people are welcome to become involved in this venture. Their are a variety of membership opportunities available to promote a wide variety of custom made fashion, arts, and crafts media. Please contact us for details.

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